Avios註冊入會 好時機!零成本開啟購買Avios之門!IHG送你500 BA Avios (加入追數方法)


Avios註冊入會 好時機!零成本開啟購買Avios之門IHG送你500 BA Avios

【3月20日更新 追回500 Avios方法】IHG洲際酒店集團(啫係InterContinental同Holiday Inn母公司),經指定連結登記註册入會成為IHG新會員送你500 BA Avios啊!如果你仲記得上次介紹果個送500 IB Avios,今次基本上一樣,不過今次就直頭送我地成日講果個英國航空BA Executive club Avios!500 Avios唔係話多,但對於未開始玩Avios的朋友們總是沒有機會參加相對抵玩嘅50%Avios買分活動實在有點可惜。因為Avios買分嘅先決條件係你必需有一次賺Avios的紀錄(官網條款→“Purchase Avios”#6),從Avios信用卡又好,從Avios shop購物都好。今次就教你零成本Avios註册IHG酒店會藉再賺果DD分達到可以買Avios分嘅條件。以下一步步話你知要點先做到免費拎500 BA Avios!決定玩唔玩Avios前可以睇返→比較Avios Asia Miles特性/優缺

追IHG Avios方法

  • 首先你去IHG claim missing points頁面: https://www.ihg.com/hotels/gb/en/customer-care/forms/missing-points
  • Login你個IHG account
  • Missing points選「from promotion」
  • Promotion name: New member bonus 500 Avios
  • Date register: 你可以check返你個email邊日join IHG,就填果日
  • Additional information: 我係咁寫,以下可以作參考

I joined as a new member of IHG via the promotion page of https://www.ihg.com/content/gb/en/deals/partner-offers/executiveclub . It stated that new member can earn 500 Avios as a welcome offer bonus and will be settled before 15 Feb 2018. However, i have checked to my frequent-flyer program account but no such air miles had been credited to. Could you please help to follow up and my details are as follows:
First name: ______________
Family name: ____________
FFP number: ___________

I confirmed again it is same as my FFP number under “earning preferences” of my IHG account.

**如果你係用Iberia果條link申請做IHG會員, 以上條link可以改返做 https://www.ihg.com/content/gb/en/deals/partner-offers/iberiaplus

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Avios註冊入會再申請成為IHG新會員送500 Avios步驟

  1. 首先要有Avios戶口→Avios教學part 2(如已是會員可以skip)
  2. 經指定連結進入IHG官網→ 指定連結再入<step 1>
  3. 登記成為IHG新會員(2分鐘KO)
  4. 需要於將IHG戶口嘅preference改為賺取BA Avios→ 改preference網址 (成為會員後login>Preference>Earning Preference到改)
  5. 等IHG找數!

ihg 500 ba avios

Avios註冊入會500 Avios其他注意事項

  • 登記日期: 需於2017年12月31日前登記
  • 獲得500 Avios時間: 2018年2月15日前 (無需任何預訂/消費,只要新會員及改preference)
  • 另有現有IHG會員500 Avios及三晚升金,不過唔太有用我就唔詳解喇

BA Executive Club – New IHG Rewards Club Member Promotion

Enrol with IHG® Rewards Club before 31st December 2017 to receive 500 bonus Avios for registering as a new Member of IHG Rewards Club. Registration is free. Avios will automatically be awarded by Airline partners on completion of Registration, and in any event before 15th February 2018. You must be an Avios collector with British Airways – Avios as preferred alliance in order to collect Avios, otherwise you will be awarded 1500 IHG Rewards Club bonus points. IHG Rewards Club account must be open and valid for the duration of one calendar year from date of opening. Avios will only be awarded if registration happens on the dedicated promotional page, being https://www.ihg.com/content/gb/en/deals/partner-offers/executiveclub. Every new Member will be upgraded to Gold Elite status after they book three (3) qualifying nights in the 90 days following Registration date. Must be 18 years old or over to participate. Blackout dates (when the offers are not available) may apply. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount or promotion. This Offer is subject to the General Promotion Terms and standard IHG Rewards Club Membership Terms and Conditions and earning structure, which can be obtained by visiting www.ihgrewardsclub.com.

Source: 官網條款


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